3 Easy Self-Care Tips To Rejuvenate Your Body

Side view of meditating woman sitting in pose of lotus against clear sky outdoors

Daily life can be busy (and stressful!), so it’s crucial that you take time for yourself—your body deserves it.

While a day at the spa is a welcome treat, you can always take care of your hair, skin, and nails from the comfort of your home, and maybe even do a better job than the salon.

Here are three of my favorite tips you can use today to elevate your self-care.

Rediscover A Youthful, Glowing AppearanceSelf-Care Tip #1: Rediscover A Youthful, Glowing Appearance

Daily stress accelerates the aging process, leading to ever-deepening wrinkles, saggy eyelids, and dull-looking skin…

Those wrinkles you’re seeing? Doctors call that “dermal collapse,” and it’s triggered by a lack of essential nutrients, causing your skin to weaken and fold in on itself.

Most skin care advice focuses on creams and moisturizers, but I don’t believe they’re doing enough for you. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to deal with your skin problems from the outside, but we can do much better…

So, the solution?

Give your body the nutrients it needs to prevent dermal collapse from the inside-out, rather than slathering on another over-priced, ineffective cream.

My favorite formula for fortifying your skin from the inside-out is CeraLift, which stimulates healthy protein production and can reverse the damage caused by free radicals, resulting in noticeably plumper, firmer skin with fewer age spots and an extra-radiant glow.

Give CeraLift a try today

Reverse Thinning, Brittle HairSelf-Care Tip #2: Reverse Thinning, Brittle Hair

Have you ever noticed your hair growing thinner, panicked, then ran out to buy expensive hair care treatments?

If so, I’m sure you know that while those volumizing shampoos, conditioners, and scalp treatments may have helped a little bit, there don’t quite live up to their promises.

Because much like your skin, proper hair care begins on the inside.

So first make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and getting adequate amounts of amino acids, both of which are essential for healthy hair.

Amino acids are found in the protein you eat, and they’re essential building blocks for rebuilding everything in your body—including your hair, skin, and nails.

Once you have those bases covered, I recommend adding in RejuvaTress, which helps failing hair follicles recover and grow back thicker and stronger, stopping hair loss in its tracks.

Coesmetic and Beauty icons setSelf-Care Tip #3: Strengthen Your Nails

Ever notice your nails looking a bit rough between manicures?

Many of us don’t have the time for weekly salon appointments, but if you know how, you can work on your nail health without having to leave the house.

First, it’s important to have the healthy nail basics down:

Keep your nails clean, avoid biting or picking at them, and try not to mess with your cuticles too much—save that for the professionals. Using a moisturizer or protective coat can also help the appearance of your nails.

If you want strong, spotless, healthy-looking nails, give them a nourishing boost with a collagen peptide supplement like CollaPure.

Collagen is often used to reduce wrinkles, but most people don’t know collagen has also been shown to accelerate nail growth and protect against brittle, fragile nails.

Following these simple self-care tips will ensure you have healthier hair, skin, and nails every day, and International Self-Care Day is the perfect time to get started.

Now get out there and do something nice for yourself, you deserve it!