3 HUGE Issues With Topical Skin Care Solutions… …And How To Get The Glowing, Flawless Skin You Deserve!

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Do you suffer from wrinkles, enlarged pores, or “rough-to-the-touch” skin?

If the answer to any of these is “yes,” you’ve probably found yourself lost in the skincare aisle, overwhelmed by the endless selection of anti-aging products.

You may have been instructed to use five different products each morning… and then ANOTHER five totally different products in the evening to get that glowing, flawless-looking skin you desire.

Have those topical solutions worked for you?

I’m guessing probably not.

And if you did see results, I’m betting they were expensive, time-consuming, and temporary

Here are three reasons why topical solutions aren’t solutions at all (and what to do instead):

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Topical Skin Care Blooper #1: Topicals can’t penetrate the skin.

Most over-the-counter skin care products are NOT designed to penetrate your skin deep enough to cause lasting change.

Most topicals form a thin film on the surface of your skin, trapping moisture—moisture which only temporarily benefits the outer layer of your skin.

This is why topical moisturizers feel really good for about an hour or two—but soon leave your skin feeling drier than ever, with the itchy, flaky skin returning in full force.

Topical Skin Care Blooper #2: Vitamins degrade with exposure to light and oxygen.

Many topical skincare companies like to brag about how their product is full of vitamins and minerals, nourishing the skin and pumping it full of antioxidants.

Here’s the thing:

In most cases, those vitamins and minerals don’t really have any effect on your skin. They’re either included in too small an amount to make any difference, or UV rays cause the vitamins and minerals to degrade before they have a chance to feed your skin with nutrients.

Moral of the story—delivery matters when nourishing your skin with vitamins and minerals.

front view young female chemist in special protective suit holdi

Topical Skin Care Blooper #3: Topicals may contain synthetic chemicals that are absorbed into your bloodstream.

Many topical skincare products boost their skin penetration by using solvents—AKA “penetration enhancers.”

The problem is these unhealthy solvents do a GREAT job penetrating your skin— but without taking the nutrients you need along for the ride.

Even worse, synthetic chemicals like artificial scents and oils can seep into your bloodstream. One study1 found 16 hormone-altering chemicals had made their way past the skin’s barrier and into the bloodstream of teen girls!

I know this sounds bleak…

Especially if you’ve been tirelessly applying topical lotions, creams, serums, and more on your face, neck, and body…

But I want you to know there IS a better way.

Dr. Chasan realized that most moisturizers, serums, and lotions are merely cosmetic because they simply don’t deliver the nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy and youthful. So this sparked a simple question:

What if you could nourish your skin from within?

The answer to this question is what drives our mission at Del Mar Laboratories. Because when you nourish your beauty from within, using the clinically proven ingredients found in CeraLift and HydraGlo, you can…

  • Feed your skin the nutrients it needs to build and maintain healthy tissue…
  • Revive sagging, droopy, wrinkled skin…
  • Experience walking up to a mirror and seeing your 20-year old self staring back at you in awe…

These are benefits that topical solutions simply cannot provide. Which is why we believe addressing your beauty from within is the only way to go.