4 TikTok Beauty Tips That Can Erase Years Of Visible Aging From Your Face


TikTok is full of clever, ingenious beauty tips to enhance your skin’s health and appearance without harmful chemicals or invasive procedures.

Dr. Chasan asked me to spend time on TikTok vetting the best tips I could find, and to share them with you:

TikTok Beauty Tip #1. Reverse Thinning Hair

TikTok’s thinning-hair trick is to massage your scalp with grapeseed oil. Then leave it in overnight.

The idea is that grapeseed oil saturates your scalp and hair follicles with Vitamin E, and mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are all crucial nutrients for healthy hair.

The oil’s Vitamin E helps your scalp retain moisture, while the fatty acids enter your hair follicles and cuticles, helping them stay hydrated.

TikTok Beauty Tip #2. Erase Double Chins

Nobody likes rocking a double chin. The good news is that on TikTok I discovered a beauty trick for “erasing” double chins in your photos.

The trick is to create a shadow that visually hides double chins. It’s a technique known as “tantouring”.

(Note: Tantouring is not the same as contouring, which requires daily makeup application and touch ups throughout the day.)

To “tantour” away your double chin in photos all you need is a makeup brush, self-tanner, and basic makeup application skills.

You can find out how to do it in this video:

→ WATCH: An Easy Tantouring Tutorial

TikTok Beauty Tip #3. Tape Away Static Wrinkles

Face-taping is like a safe, effective facelift you can do at home.

You simply tape your forehead in a few key places before going to bed. This then holds your facial skin and muscles in place all night long.

Repeating this technique night after night is thought to help iron out deeply set creases. And over time, it helps to create a smooth, wrinkle-free forehead.
See it in action in this video clip:

→ WATCH: A Dead-Simple Face-Taping Tutorial

TikTok Beauty Tip #4. Smooth Over Rough Skin

Get irritating dry skin after a bath?

Then check out this TikTok trick for rehydrating the skin fast.

What you need to do is apply body lotion to dehydrated patches of skin immediately after stepping out of the bath or shower in a technique called “wet skincare”.

The logic goes tha applying moisturizer after bathing gives its hydrating ingredients a better chance to penetrate your dehydrated skin, locking in moisture and providing long-lasting hydration.

Now before you go:

I’ve vetted these four TikTok beauty tips, but there are hundreds more on the platform.

So while the ones I’ve shared are safe, if you want to try any others, either send me an email or check with your dermatologist before proceeding.