5 Skincare Trends to AVOID for Healthy Skin

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Did you know that most of the skincare information out there can actually be harmful to your skin (and your overall health in some cases)?

I speak with Dr. Chasan’s patients every day in our waiting room, and they’re always sharing their latest skincare “discoveries” from the internet.

Luckily, Dr. Chasan meets his patients one-on-one and can explain why these trends should be avoided… But not everyone can see Dr. Chasan in person.

Which is why he asked me to do a write-up covering five of the most alarming and dangerous skincare trends our there, explaining why they should be avoided at all costs if you care about your skin.


Anti-Aging Trap #1. DIY Remedies and Treatments

DIY skincare treatments are all the rage, and understandably so.

Why spend thousands of dollars on expensive treatments, when you can simply make your own solutions at home for pennies on the dollar?

But in reality, many of these home remedies do more harm than good…

One common trend is using coffee grinds to make a facial scrub…

But coffee is for drinking, not for scrubbing!

The grinds are so coarse, causeing micro-damage to your skin, leading to irritation and redness… Rather than the soft, glowing skin you want.

Anti-Aging Trap #2. Essential Oils

Essential oils, in one form or another, are often marketed as the solution to nearly any health problem you might encouner… If only that were the case!

Sure, some oils may have potential benefits, but generally, they shouldn’t be applied directly to your skin (they’re a concentrate after all!)

Many women have shared with me how they’ve applied essential oils to blemishes and patchy skin in the past… Only to be “treated” with irritated, itchy, and dry skin that’s in worse condition than before the oil went on.

Anti-Aging Trap #3: Over-Exfoliation

Many internet “experts” claim that exfoliating helps your skin by removing the dead cells and outer layer of skin. Which in theory, allows your fresh, baby-soft skin to thrive and glow.

However, while some exfoliating is okay if done gently, over-exfoliating is easy to do, and can quickly damage your skin.

Not only does too much exfoiliation leave your skin red and irritated, but you’ll also move the crucial, protective, uppermost layer(s) of your skin, making you much more likely to experience burning and UV damage.

So exfoliate gently, no more than once a week, and avoid the trap of over-exfoliating which will remove your skin’s protective shield.

Anti-Aging Trap #4. Over-Moisturizing

Topical creams certainly have their place in your skincare routine, and moisturizers can help form a nice protective barrier that seals in hydration.

However, applying way too much moisturizer is easy to do.

When you apply too much, whether at one time or over multiple applications, your pores become blocked, trapping bacteria and encouraging breakouts.

Your skin needs to breathe, and too much moisturizer is suffocating.

Anti-Aging Trap #5. Baking Soda

While baking sode may seem harmless, you must avoid putting baking soda on your skin at all costs!

I’ve seen this one making the rounds lately, as home remedies and pastes made with baking soda claim to remove impurities from your skin.

However, baking soda alters the pH levels of your skin. Which means this “harmless” technique can leave you more susceptible to burning, and interfere with your skin’s natural, nightly restorative process.


Okay, there you go! 5 anti-aging skincare trends to AVOID at all costs if you want healthy skin that glows, sparkles, and shines.

There are plenty of marketers, gurus, and influencers who try to push these trends, but now you know better, and are better equipped to protect your skin on your quest for a healthy, radiant complexion.

To your health!