5 Sneaky, Silent Skin Agers You May Not Be Aware Of

Portrait of beautiful woman at clinic

When new patients walk through our doors, they often say things like…

“I’ve spent SO much money over the years, but I look older than ever!”

These poor souls have tried everything, yet still struggle with aging skin.

But their struggles aren’t their fault—because these expensive “solutions” completely ignore treating the 5 most common causes of aging skin.

While these 5 causes of aging skin are common, they fly under the radar, so they’re often overlooked and ignored.

Which is why today I want to shine a light on these sneaky, silent causes of aging and deteriorating skin, so that you can address the root causes…

And unlock the youthful, glowing, vibrant skin that you deserve.

Sneaky, Silent Skin Ager #1. Chronic Inflammation

When your body is inflamed, your skin is the first to show the damage.

Chronic inflammation can be caused by many things:

  • Stress (from work, relationships, and everyday events)
  • Alcohol (as little as one drink per day is all it takes!)
  • Poor sleep (without enough sleep, your body cannot heal)
  • Carbohydrates (sugar is GREAT at causing inflammation)
  • Environmental pollution (There are plenty of toxins in the environment…)
  • Second-hand smoke (need I say more?)
  • Plastics (leached into our food and water supply)

So if you’ve noticed that your skin is aging faster than ever, you’re likely experiencing chronic inflammation, like many americans.

To support a healthy inflammation response, I recommend:

  • Minimizing processed food consumption
  • Reducing your alcohol intake
  • Developing healthy stress management techniques
  • And consuming a diet high in antioxidants and healthy fats

Sneaky, Silent Skin Ager #2. Free Radicals

Modern living means there’s a big chance every time you step outside…

You breathe in air that’s full of pollution, chemical waste, toxins, mold, and other nasty contaminants.

These invaders are called “free radicals”, with a tendency for damaging healthy cells throughout your body (hair, skin, and nails included).

While your body does produce free radicals throughout the day, the excessive amounts absorbed from environmental toxins are a problem.

On the inside, you’ll feel their effects in stiff, achy, sore joints. And on the outside, you’ll notice visible signs of aging skin appearing rapidly.

To fight back against the scourge of free radicals, I suggest consuming antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, staying hydrated, and potentially supplementing with a high-quality liposomal Vitamin C formula.

Sneaky, Silent Skin Ager #3. Lotions

More specifically, the overuse and abuse of lotions.

You see, lotions can act as a barrier, protecting your skin and sealing in moisture… But if you use too much, you’ll end up blocking your pores.

When your pores are blocked, toxins can become trapped inside your skin, which is like inviting them to an all-you-can-eat collagen and elastin buffet.

If you’re applying lotion because your skin is dry and peeling, that’s a sure sign to support your skin by hydrating from within (rather than only externally).

And you can get started by consuming plenty of healthy fats (like omega-3s), essential vitamins(such as Vitamin C and A), and staying hydrated.

The best use of lotions is as a supplement to supporting your body with essential nutrients and water. Focus on limiting your exposure to toxins, and using healthy measures to manage stress and inflammation.

Sneaky, Silent Skin Ager #4. Stress

When you’re stressed out, your body is flooded with the inflammation-spiking stress hormone, cortisol.

We’ve already talked about the harmful effects of chronic inflammation, and research shows that chronic stress also changes your cells and DNA, causing a dramatic increase in aging from within.

To slow the aging process, managing your body’s stress response in healthy ways is key.

My go-to recommendations are meditation, stretching, yoga, deep breathing exercises, and taking 20-30 minute walks.

Sneaky, Silent Skin Ager #5. Elastase

Elastase is protein on a mission to destroy elastin, which is what gives your skin those tight, smooth, snappy qualities…

Rather than drooping, sagging, and collapsing in on itself.

In theory, minimizing elastase production would save your skin…

But elastase also helps digest food, so elastase is necessary, and your body is constantly generating more.

So while you can’t get rid of elastase, you can protect your skin against the harsh side effects with a class of polyphenols called ProanthoCyanidin Oligomers (or PCOs for short).

PCOs protect your skin’s elastin, and can readily found in foods like cranberries, blueberries, and grapes.

For effects that are visibly noticeable on your skin, supplementing with high quality extracts are beneficial (watch out for supplements by compaines who routinely use cheap and ineffective ingredients or doses of ingredients)

To wrap up, if you’re sick and tired of watching your skin age quicker and quicker, right before your eyes, consider these sneaky, silent skin-agers.

And if you implement the strategies I’ve shared with you today, you’ll give yourself the best chance possible at maintaining a youthful, glowing, radiant complexion for decades to come.