Ask Me Anything – #1 Tip for Slimming Down Without Dieting and How to Save Money on Spa Treatments at Home

Each month we pose questions from the Del Mar Community to our resident health and skincare expert, Andi Wright. 

In this February edition of ‘Ask Me Anything’, Andi discusses the #1 reason why diets fail… and the #1 thing to do to slim down without feeling “hangry”.

Plus, Andi provides  three ways to save money on beauty spa treatments at home…

And why you should avoid neck surgery at all costs.

Let’s dive in.

Question: “How can I lose the holiday pounds without “dieting” or feeling hungry and miserable?”

At least 95% of dieting attempts end in failure.

And no wonder, as missing out on your favorite foods soon leaves you feeling hungry, deprived and miserable… and only a stressful day away from a food binge.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution: Eat more protein!

Foods like fish, Greek yogurt and eggs that are rich in protein keep you feeling fuller longer, boost your energy, and help burn fat. 

Once you start eating more protein, your hunger for sugary, carb loaded snack foods should fade after two weeks… making healthier eating habits far easier to sustain.

Try this protein rich meal plan and see how energized, and hunger free it makes you feel:

Breakfast – Veggie egg-white omelets or yogurt parfaits

Snack – Greek yogurt with berries and nuts.

Lunch – Salmon or chicken salad

Snacks – Turkey roll-ups

Dinner – Shrimp fajitas with veggies

As you can see, it’s possible to eat throughout the day and still lose weight. 

Just focus on eating delicious high protein foods that sate your hunger while incinerating fat. 

But if you want to help reduce your cravings even more, give InnerLight a try.

InnerLight activates an enzyme called AMPK… which acts like your metabolic “ON” switch.

The more you activate AMPK, the easier it is to slim down.

Find out more about InnerLight.

Question: “My local spa just increased its prices again. Is there a way for me to enjoy spa-like treatments at home?”

It seems everything’s getting more expensive these days… and beauty treatments are no exception.

If your local spa has become unaffordable, here’s three ways to recreate luxurious spa experiences at home….

1. Epsom salt with olive oil body rub

For an at-home salt glow, simply mix Epsom salts with olive oil and gently massage over dry skin before showering. The coarse grains buff away dullness as oils deeply moisturize. Finish by lathering skin under a steamy shower spray for a sauna-like sensation.

2. Concoct your own purifying clay mask

Combine bentonite clay powder with apple cider vinegar and honey for a pore-cleansing, skin-clarifying treat. Apply a thick layer and relax as it works to extract impurities. Rinse after 15 minutes and admire smoother, more refined skin.

3. The frugal facial

Cleanse skin with a gentle oil like coconut or olive, then exfoliate with a brown sugar and honey scrub. Apply mashed avocado for an ultra-hydrating vitamin blast. Top with a yogurt mask to soothe and plump. Then leave for 10 minutes before rinsing for skin that feels baby-soft and glowing.

So those are just three ways to create a luxurious spa experience at home.

Another option is to give Total Package Serum a try.

Total Package Serum provides similar results to multiple beauty treatments in a single bottle… 

And its ingredients have been clinically shown to deliver visible, touchable changes to your appearance in just 14 days.

Find out more about Total Package Serum

Question: “My neck looks wrinkled and crepey and I’m embarrassed to wear open necked blouses. What should I do?”

If the sight of crepey neck skin makes you want to cover up with a turtleneck, perhaps you’ve considered surgery?

Surgery always seems like an easy option. But neck surgery is a high risk procedure for such a delicate area. 

Neck lifts are designed to improve the skin’s laxity and appearance by surgically cutting then pulling and stitching the skin tighter. 

When neck surgery is done well, the results can be impressive. But neck surgery comes with many risks.

This includes bruising, fluid retention, nerve damage and even permanent scarring.

Then before long, aging continues its inevitable march. The skin then starts to become loose and crepey again… and you have to book followup surgeries to re-tighten saggy areas every few years. 

Rather than rush to the operating table, consider non-invasive treatments like ultrasound and radiofrequency. 

You can also pair these treatments with applying sun cream liberally whenever you’re outside, and using a cream specially formulated for delicate neck skin. 

Total Neck Cream, for example, is a rich, nourishing cream that melts right into your skin, reversing the look of sagging jowls and crepey neck skin and it delivers a visible smoothing effect in just five minutes.

Total Neck Cream is also specially formulated to address “transdermal collapse” – which our research revealed to be the #1 cause of saggy neck skin.

Find out more about Total Neck Cream.

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