BAD ADVICE: “Eat more pickles!”

DML 21.04.26

Please don’t take skincare advice from people who moonlight as a “dermatologist…”

You’ll end up with a smorgasbord of wonderfully ineffective skincare advice, such as…

“Eat more pickles!”

“Scrub away the pimples!”

“Lather your face in butter and mayonnaise to moisturize your skin!”

No… just… no.

Here are 3 other common skincare tips you should avoid like the plague:

1. “Use toothpaste to “zap” your zits!”

When you were 13, your best friend might have helped you “spot treat” your pimples with good ol’ fashioned toothpaste.

In fairness, toothpaste CAN dry out your zits and temporarily reduce their size.

But it does so at the cost of rubbing harsh chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and alcohol all over your face…

These ingredients can damage your skin and cause irritation leading to further breakouts.

Instead, I suggest opting for a more natural solution, such as aloe vera or a diluted tea tree oil.

You can even combine the two, enjoying the powerful combo of hydrating aloe and the amazing antibacterial properties of tea tree oil while avoiding harsh chemicals.

2. “Try facial yoga. It’lll erase your wrinkles!”

I hate to break it to you…

But facial exercises like the “brow raiser” or the “wink ‘n hold,” in order to tighten loose skin and remove wrinkles does NOT work.

You may even aggravate existing wrinkles due to the constant contraction of your facial muscles.

So, what can you do instead?

Stick to the tried and tested methods of reducing wrinkles…

Limit your sugar intake, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, and quit smoking (especially that last one!)

3. “Forget about moisturizers, none of them work!”

If someone tells you to never moisturize your skin, kindly show them the door…

Because the problem isn’t that moisturizers don’t work…

The problem is that most topical solutions can’t penetrate the many layers of the skin to provide the firming, hydrating nourishment that your skin needs.

Which is why we believe in nourishing the skin from deep within here at Del Mar Labs.

When you nourish your skin from within, you treat the deepest layer of your skin – the epidermis. And this allows your skin to become tighter, firmer, and better capable of holding onto moisture.

Anyway, once you throw this common skincare “advice” in the trash…

You’ll be well on your way to fewer spots, a healthy glow, and an abundance of compliments.