Discover The Skin-and-Joint Healing Duo of Collagen and Vitamin C Supplementation

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Collagen is an incredibly powerful tool on your quest for optimal health.

But most people only unlock a portion of collagen’s fantastic benefits, despite never missing a dose.

There’s a reason for this…

Most people aren’t aware of a special vitamin that when paired with collagen supplementation amplifies the effects of both.

Using this combo together, your…

Fine lines and wrinkles will fade away…

Rough, dry, scaly skin patches vanish…

Joints will feel cushioned, supple, and comfortable again…

Collagen is one of the most popular skincare products on the market today, and for good reason.

But what few people know is that if you pair collagen supplementation with a certain vitamin, you’ll unlock a powerful, synergistic supplement combination that will amplify the healing effects on your skin and joints.

The vitamin in question is none other than Vitamin C.

Now, you may know Vitamin C simply as a simple immune system booster you take when you get the sniffles or are feeling a bit run down.

As it turns out, immune system support is only one of Vitamin C’s many functions—because Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that does wonders for your skin, allowing your body to fully utilize the collagen you’re taking!

You see, Vitamin C is essential for supporting your body’s absorption and utilization of collagen.

You can flood your body with all the collagen peptides you want, but if you don’t have enough Vitamin C, your body won’t be able to properly bind those peptides together and use them to restore your skin.

As an antioxidant, Vitamin C also acts as a “skin shield.”

Every day, our bodies are exposed to environmental toxins from pollution, GMOs, pesticides, and the plastic containers we use to store food and water.

These toxins form free radicals in your body, which run around damaging healthy cells, and prematurely aging your skin! This is the exact same process that causes fruit to turn brown when it’s sat on the counter too long.

When you take Vitamin C, not only are you enhancing your body’s ability to use collagen, you’re also creating a shield that protects your existing collagen from damaging free-radicals.

Both collagen and Vitamin C are fantastic supplements when taken alone, but when taken together? They become an unstoppable force that restores, enhances, and protects the health of your skin.

But there’s one big problem here—most Vitamin C supplements aren’t absorbed properly inside the human body.

Unless you’re taking Vitamin C through an IV, most of the good stuff will be destroyed by your stomach acid, or simply pass through your body, completely unused.

Which is why Dr. Chasan formulated AfterGlo—a liposomal form of Vitamin C. The only kind, in fact, that can be fully absorbed by your body.

Each molecule of Vitamin C in AfterGlo is carefully wrapped in a protective layer that enhances absorption, so it’ll survive the journey through your harsh stomach acid, and be easily absorbed and utilized by your skin.

AfterGlo also pairs perfectly with CollaPure, the purest collagen supplement in the world.

If you’re ready to eliminate wrinkles, flaky skin, and dry spots, you can try CollaPure and AfterGlo together—the perfect combination for enhancing the health of your skin!