Dosage and Other Tips To Optimize Results

INSIDE: How to maximize your results!

As we enter the second week of the New Year, Dr. Chasan asked me to make sure every single one of our readers knows how to use our supplements the right way.

You see, while most of our customers RAVE about our supplements, and remain loyal customers for life…

Every so often, we hear from someone who doesn’t see the results they want, and they tell us they’re giving up on Del Mar Labs formulas.

When Dr. Chasan talks to these patients, he realizes they simply aren’t using our products correctly!

Every single person has different needs, so it’s impossible to find the perfect dose that will help everyone.

If you want to get the most out of your supplements, you need to make sure you’re avoiding these three costly mistakes.

Costly Mistake #1: Taking too low of a dose

Costly Mistake #2: Forgetting your dose

If you’re only taking your pills every other day, or regularly missing doses, you won’t be seeing the full benefits—so be sure to take your recommended dose every day.

You can set an alarm on your phone or use a weekly pill container—whatever it takes to build a consistent, daily routine.

Costly Mistake #3: Using memory or will power alone

“Stack” your supplements with another habit.

You always brush your teeth, right?

Why not use those ingrained habits to your advantage by “stacking” your supplement routine on top. Before long, taking your supplements will be second nature to you.

So there you have it -stay consistent with your supplements, and the brand new you is just around the corner!

To your health,
Sandra Wright
Assistant to Dr. Chasan