Exercise for Better Skin?

Regular exercise is one of the most powerful habits you can build for a lifetime of radiant skin.

Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, breaking a sweat on a regular basis is a powerful tool to keep your skin in tip-top condition.

While most people think of sweat as smelly and grimy, this glistening sheen actually fights bacteria that’s hiding on the surface of your skin!

So not only does exercise fight off aging, but getting your sweat on is a powerful, natural antibiotic…

You don’t need anything fancy, you just need to find an activity you love that gets you off the couch and moving around.

Here’s what happens to your skin with regular exercise in your routine:

#1. Exercise improves delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin

When your heart’s pumping and pushing blood around, you’ll be flooding your skin with restorative nutrients and antioxidants.

As you improve your fitness levels, your body becomes better at delivering powerful age-defying nutrients to your skin… the same nutrients your skin NEEDS to remain strong and healthy.

#2. Your skin detoxifies itself

It’s a common myth that sweating flushes toxins from your skin. In reality, nearly all toxins are purged from your blood when it’s filtered through your liver!

Your skin doesn’t always get a lot of blood flow, but as your heart rate rises during your workout, your blood rushes to the skin, picking up all the nasty toxins and carrying them to your liver, where they’re removed for good.

#3. Exercise nips stress in the bud

What does this have to do with skin health?

Well, when stress is high, so is cortisol… the nasty “stress-hormone” that wreaks havoc on your body.

Elevated cortisol levels break down healthy collagen and protein in your skin, leading to deepening wrinkles and a dry, patchy appearance. When you exercise, cortisol levels plummet, stopping “collagen destruction” in its tracks!

#4. Sweat kills bacteria hiding in your skin

Scientists in Germany recently discovered that your sweat naturally contains a powerful antibiotic agent, known as Dermcidin!

This scavenger protein attacks bacteria on site, including E. coli, staphylococcus (aka Staph infections), and candida albicans, which causes yeast infections.

If you want to maintain healthy skin, regular exercise is the most powerful lifestyle habit you can start TODAY!