How To Choose Proven, Effective, High-Quality Beauty Products Every Single Time

Young beautiful blonde girl cares for face skin with moisturizer in front of mirror.

Did you know that the average American spends $15,000 over their lifetime to preserve smooth, soft, radiant, and youthful skin?

So many Americans investing in their health is wonderful to see. But the growing interest in skincare has created a growing problem…

Driven purely by desire for profit, the “solutions” many skincare companies sell have little-to-no science supporting them, and are essentially snake oil.

In fact:

  • LED masks…
  • Electric face scrubbers and microneedlers…
  • Facial massagers…
  • Smart mirrors and skincare cameras…

…Are the very definition of pseudoscience.

(Pseudoscience refers to beliefs or practices that are mistakenly regarded as being based on a scientific method of discovery.)

These beauty devices are not only useless for rejuvenating your skin, but microneedlers and face scrubbers can scar your epidermis.

And the lies don’t stop here…

Many beauty companies market their products as “clinically-proven” when that’s not the case. There’s a BIG difference between using clinically-proven ingredients and saying so.

As you can see, many skincare companies market themselves with misleading claims that go unquestioned and untested. Which is scary because there are A LOT of useless, even harmful products out there.

So to help you navigate these murky waters, here are three things to look for that’ll help you choose real clinically-proven skincare products:

By reading customer reviews, consulting with professionals, and exploring the wealth of scientific information available, you can find ingredients and products that have been proven to work as advertised.

Del Mar Labs ONLY Sells Clinically Proven Formulas

Exploring the wealth of information available is Dr. Chasan’s area of expertise. Which is why we can confidently say that every Del Mar Labs premium health formula is clinically-proven.

For this reason, our website is filled with reviews from real, satisfied people who are enjoying the benefits of Dr. Chasan’s expertise.

So whether you’re starting your skincare journey today or you’ve been taking care of your skin for years… You can rest easy knowing that all Del Mar Labs formulas are safe, healthy, and effective.

I hope the tips shared in this article will help you avoid poor quality, ineffective, potentially dangerous skincare products.

To your health!
Sandra Wright
Assistant to Dr. Chasan