Suffering From These Common Health Woes? Here’s What You Need To Fortify Your Health

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The Standard American Diet leaves a LOT to be desired—it spells “SAD” for a reason.

Following such a “sad” diet can leave your body lacking in a whole host of essential nutrients.

When you’re nutrient-deficient, that’s when bad things start happening…

Achy bones, muscle cramps, punishing fatigue, skin irritation and dryness, getting sick all the time, and much much more.

If you continue rocking the “burger, fries, Coke, and nothing else” diet, you’re almost guaranteed to pour gasoline on the fire of all these dangerous health issues.

So how do you undo all this damage?

Cleaning up your diet, replacing those fried and processed foods with an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies… we all know that’s essential.

But the real key is understanding what nutrients your body is missing, so you can hunt down the specific compounds that will shore up any deep deficiencies and allow you to fully heal.

When you become aware of these holes in your nutrition, you can prevent marauding free radicals from harming your healthy cells, speed up the repair and rejuvenation of your damaged cells, and add years to your lifespan.

The result?

Glowing skin, comfy joints, and boundless energy, leading to a longer, healthier, more vital life.

Here are three common health woes and the essential nutrients you need to bridge the gap from poor diet to healthy living:

Wrist pain is really seriousCommon Health Woe #1: Achy bones and rock-bottom immunity.

The nutrient you need: Vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps maintain your bone health in one fundamental way: The absorption of calcium.

Optimal calcium absorption allows for proper bone mineralization—that’s the process of minerals depositing on the bone matrix for bone development. This also helps prevent your bones from becoming brittle.

If you find that you’re getting sick and constantly feeling under the weather, new evidence is emerging that vitamin D can help your immune system fight off harmful bacteria and viruses.

Where to get your Vitamin D fix: Sunshine, fatty fish, and Vitamin D supplements.

The effect of magnesium deficiencyCommon Health Woe #2: Muscle cramps and cognitive decline.

The nutrient you need: Magnesium.

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body, so you know it’s important.

If you’re experiencing persistent muscle cramps, twitches, or tremors—and you’ve already ruled out caffeine and other possible causes—there’s a good chance you may be dealing with a magnesium deficiency.

The big doozy is that this nutrient protects your brain from aging rapidly. When nerve cells become overstimulated, they can destroy themselves and accelerate cognitive decline. Magnesium regulates nerve cells and prevents them from self-destructing.

Where to get your Magnesium fix: Pumpkin seeds, spinach, cashew nuts, almonds, dark chocolate, and Magnesium supplements.

Painful jointsCommon Health Woe #3: Dry, irritated skin and painful joints.

The nutrient you need: Omega-3 Fish Oil.

Omega-3s are essential for maintaining the integrity of your skin’s moisture barrier, keeping your moisture in and irritants out.

If your body is lacking in omega-3s, the first place you’ll notice it is in your skin—giving you feelings of flakiness and itchiness, along with signs of redness and possible acne.

On top of skin problems, omega-3 deficiency can also result in joint pain and stiffness. These increasingly become bigger problems as you get older, to the point where it feels like bone is grinding on bone.

This is partly due to the decline of cartilage between your joints, which omega-3s help preserve.

Where to get your Omega-3 fix: Fatty fish and Omega-3 fish oil supplements*.

[*WARNING: You must watch out for toxic fish oil supplements that do more harm than good. There are many sub-par products on the market that don’t contain enough omega-3s in the correct ratio (1000mg combined of EPA/DHA) to have any real beneficial effects. Worse, you can end up consuming rancid fish oil that gives you the runs. That’s unpleasant AND a waste of money.]

I hope these nutrients help plug any remaining holes you may have left in your diet.

When you take care of these nutrient deficiencies, you’ll be surprised by how much more LIFE you now have!

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