5 Not-Crazy Habits for a Lean, Fat-Free Physique


It’s no secret that many of us want a lean, toned body, without the stress of sticking to another miserable diet or exercising our
lives away.

So rather than obsessing over food and worrying about your body, we suggest building habits that’ll naturally help you maintain a
healthy physique.

Your waistline will shrink, your health will improve, and losing weight will help minimize unsightly stretch marks and wrinkles…

Ready to begin?

Here are five of our favorite habits to help you melt fat and maintain a toned, youthful body year-round:

Snacks may seem harmless—after all, how much of a difference can one small bite make?

A handful of chips with lunch…

Half a donut from the breakroom at work…

A bite of dessert…

These bites, licks, and tastes seem harmless, but when you add them up, they begin to sabotage your waistline big time.

Even if you’re eating “healthy snacks”

Not to mention, eating every few hours trains your body to be hungry all day, and may trigger irresistible cravings in the future—which is why we suggest keeping snacking to a minimum.

If you’re struggling with cravings, try adding InnerLight to your routine, which was designed to speed up weight loss by neutralizing cravings.

One of the best ways to naturally increase your metabolism is to get outside and get moving!

It’s far too easy to fall into the trap of sitting down at work all day, and then sitting down at home to unwind while watching TV.

Walking outdoors will boost your energy, burn calories, and if you’re able to get outside while the sun is up, you’ll soak up some mood-enhancing Vitamin D at the same time.

So before you start work in the morning or settle in to relax at night, try to get up, get outside, and go for a walk.

While the warmer months often mean more socializing, happy hours, and late night with friends, be sure you aren’t neglecting your beauty rest.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, you can expect to feel fatigue, brain fog, increased appetite and cravings… All things that make losing weight very difficult.

Getting a proper night’s rest will recharge your batteries, energize you, and allow your body to repair and regenerate itself.

Prioritize your sleep each night, and maintaining a healthy weight will be a walk in the park.

Exercise improves your bone density, helps maintain a lean, toned look, and revs up your metabolism for the entire day.

Not to mention, regular exercise does wonders in supporting your cardiovascular health and blood-sugar balance.

So when it comes to managing a healthy weight, exercise certainly is an important piece of the puzzle…

But even 10 minute intervals can help a lot! Switch these quick rounds of exercises in favor of the endless slogging on the treadmill.

Last but certainly not least, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.

Our bodies are mostly made of water, and we need plenty of water to stay healthy. Regular fluid intake will give you more energy, improve your digestion, help moisturize your skin, and much more.

My favorite hydration trick?

I love to add a slice of lemon, orange, or other fresh fruit to my ice water.

The refreshing taste will keep you sipping water all day, and you’ll get a nice nutritional boost from the antioxidants in your favorite fresh fruit.