Does Your Skincare Product Contain This Banned Ingredient?

Flasks with poison and skull with bones danger sign on label set. Magic potion, chemical green toxic liquid in lab spherical and conical beakers with Jolly Roger icon. Realistic 3d vector illustration

Have you been searching for a magical solution that will “fix your face” and lighten up ugly dark spots?

If so, you’ve probably stumbled upon this mysterious ingredient, promising unrivaled restorative powers that wipe away impurities and imperfections.

From freckles and age spots to scarring…

These imperfections make your complexion uneven, which can cause you to look much older – up to 20 years according to one study! – than you really are.

Feeling less attractive can shake your confidence, have you Googling ““what will get rid of dark spots” till the late hours of the evening, and leave you willing to try ANYTHING…

But whatever you do, do NOT try this ingredient!

There are better ways to take back your head-turning attractiveness and look significantly younger.

So what is this toxic ingredient found in skin creams and serums all over?


Hydroquinone promises to lighten up dark spots and even your complexion in less than 2 weeks!

Just think… no more waking up in a cold sweat from “skin nightmares…”

…or glancing over at the mirror only to see that your imperfections didn’t go anywhere.

Sounds pretty great right?

Well here are 4 reasons you should skip hydroquinone altogether (and one natural ingredient you can try instead):

1. Hydroquinone irritates your skin.

Excessive dryness, angry redness, and crack flaky skin…

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather NOT use a product that actively irritates my skin when all I want is beautiful skin that is soft and clear.

2. Hydroquinone can cause ‘ochronosis’.

Ochronosis is a condition where your skin takes on a bluish-black pigmentation… permanently.

Yep, you read that.

A skin care ingredient designed to lighten dark spots causes permanent discoloration?

No thanks.

3. Hydroquinone may be cancerous.

Hydroquinone has been shown to cause cancer in rats and is still being researched to determine the carcinogenic effects in humans.

I think I’ll stick to “very safe” rather than “might be safe.”

4. Hydroquinone has been BANNED!

Several countries – South Africa, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and Europe – have banned all over-the-counter sales of hydroquinone, due to the risks mentioned above.

If a whole country is turning their nose up at something, that’s likely reason enough to be wary.

Okay, now if you’re looking for a natural alternative to hydroquinone that will brighten your skin and leave a cool, creamy complexion…

Try licorice root.

Licorice root contains two components that banish dark spots:

Glabridin helps to retrain tyrosinase, an enzyme that produces melanin which leads to pigmentation

Liquiritin helps to break up and remove melanin and pigmentation in the skin.

Together, you get a natural, safe, and proven powerful dark spot “eraser” for your skin!

You could also give Del Mar Labs’ Total Dark Spot Diminisher a try.

It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. And it really does give you visibly younger looking skin in two weeks.