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5 Celebrity Beauty Trends To Avoid

July 24, 2023

We all admire the glamorous, youthful looks of celebrities, don’t we? Their flawless skin, perfect brows, and age-defying appearances are captivating… And intriguing. How do they manage it?! Well, the truth is that many celebrity beauty trends may do more harm than good. Here are five celebrity beauty trends that can age your skin and […]

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3 Vital Reasons for Supporting a Strong Immune System

June 26, 2023

The immune system is the body’s first line of defense. It’s the immune system that helps protect us from airborne pollutants, toxins and other unwanted invaders. But the immune system does much more than that. Far more. Here are three little known benefits of a strong immune system… And why the strength of your immune […]

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3 Skincare Trends that Wreck Your Skin

June 16, 2023

Your skin is delicate like a butterfly’s wings – sensitive, intricate, and precious. And just as the butterfly’s wings must brave the elements, yet still maintain their beauty, your skin, too, faces daily challenges. From the scorching sun to biting winds, harsh chemicals to the relentless march of time, keeping your skin looking young and […]

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How to Protect Your Skin from “Toxic Smog”

May 23, 2023

We live in a polluted world. Our air is filled with toxins from cars, heavy industry and chemical laced gasses that hang in the air. You can’t avoid them. And this “toxic smog” seeps through your skin and into your bloodstream. Once inside your body, these unwanted invaders then unleash rampaging hordes of free radicals. […]

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The Power of Fish Oil for Skin: How Omega-3 Supplements Improve Your Complexion and Fight Aging

April 19, 2023

The benefits of fish oil for the joints, blood pressure and heart health are well known. But the Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil have lots of benefits for your skin as well. Research shows that the omega-3 fatty acids may: 1. Guard against dry, red, and itchy skin1 Omega-3s help moisturize your […]

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Why Crash Diets Make Wrinkles and Sagging Worse

April 13, 2023

Summer is approaching. Which means lots of people will be going on diets to try and slim down so they can look and feel their best. But the unfortunate truth is that crash diets can make your wrinkles, sagging skin and other signs of aging WORSE. Here’s why… When you cut the calories your body […]

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4 Ways to Maximize Nutrient Absorption from Supplements

April 13, 2023

If you’ve ever taken health supplements, but never noticed a difference… Here are some potential causes for the lack of results: 1. You may not have taken the right dose. Dosing is everything when taking supplements, and many products are under-dosed. (Most often to save the manufacturer money). 2. Supplements aren’t a replacement for a […]

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5 Affordable Ways To Enjoy Spa-Like Results At Home

March 25, 2023

As lovely as visiting your local spa can be, the cost of regular spa trips can rack up fast.  That’s the bad news… Now here’s the good news: If you’re suffering from “spring fatigue” (a dry, dull, ashy complexion with no radiance) you can still enjoy youthful, radiant, glowing skin… Without a massive credit card […]

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Dynamic vs. Static Wrinkles: What’s The Difference And How To Treat Them

March 22, 2023

There’s more to wrinkles than meets the eye. In fact, there are two types of wrinkles—dynamic and static—which require different approaches to help their appearance fade. Dynamic wrinkles appear when you make facial expressions, such as smiling or frowning. These wrinkles can appear permanently ‘etched’ into your skin due to the repetitive movement of your […]

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The “Miracle Molecule” for Softer, Younger Looking Skin

March 17, 2023

Are you tired of trying every anti-aging cream, lotion, and serum out there and still seeing wrinkles and saggy skin in the mirror? If so, there’s one key ingredient you might be missing in your skin routine: Ceramides! Now, I know you might be thinking… “Ceramides, what the heck are those?” Ceramides are like a […]

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5 Little-Known Health Risks Of Not Sleeping Enough

February 24, 2023

Unlike a lot of hidden health issues, you know immediately if you’re lacking sleep. You probably drag your feet, experience brain fog, battle low energy, and are fending off cravings for sugar. The #1 solution most people rely on is to pour a strong cup of coffee. But according to a 25-year-long study of 7,000 […]

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Four Self-care Tips for Showing Yourself More Love on Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2023

Valentine’s Day is traditionally dedicated to romantic love, and showing appreciation for someone you admire. But Valentine’s can also be a chance to show love and appreciation for OURSELVES! After all, the more we take care of ourselves the better equipped we’ll be to take care of others. So this year, take care of your […]

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Say Goodbye To Dry, Dull Skin: Discover 5 Superfoods That’ll Give You A Radiant Complexion

February 3, 2023

February is a great month to practice self-care. Particularly, as it’s a month when you can feel the winter blues. The short days, long nights, and lack of sunshine can make maintaining a healthy routine and mindset hard. But practicing self-care can help combat these feelings by promoting self-love and self-awareness. February is also the […]

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5 Simple Tips For Young Looking, Sparkly Eyes

January 24, 2023

As you age, your eyes are often the first place to show signs of aging. But if you use the following five tips, you can keep your eyes looking young and vibrant for years to come—no matter your age! Masking crow’s feet is deceptively simple: Instead of smothering yourself in foundation, powder, or face-planting into […]

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3 Tips For Fading the Appearance of Fine Lines Under Your Eyes

January 19, 2023

Under-eye fine lines are often the first visible sign of aging. This is because as your skin ages, elasticity and moisture are lost. The skin around your eyes is also thin, delicate, and fragile. Which means your eye-area is where wrinkles and deep, etched lines show up first. I see lots of patients who feel […]

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3 Things To Look For When Buying Collagen Supplements

January 19, 2023

Fact: Your skin needs extra support in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. Collagen is one of the most effective, powerful, clinically-proven skin-supporting nutrients you can provide your body with. However, not all collagen products are created equal. If you want to choose the best possible collagen supplement, you need to know what makes a […]

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How To Protect Yourself From Dry Winter Skin

January 13, 2023

Close your eyes and recall this past summer… Remember how we didn’t get any rainfall (at least in SoCal) for months! Then imagine what this lack of rain and moisture does to the soil… How it makes the soil dry out… causing deep cracks. Then the ground becomes hard, it struggles to absorb water again. […]

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5 Common Age-Accelerating Toxins In Beauty Products To Avoid

January 9, 2023

Most creams, lotions, and moisturizers today all have one thing in common: Microplastics. One of the most pervasive microplastics are phthalates. New research from the NYU Grossman School of Medicine found that phthalates can: X Wreak havoc on your hormonal balance, X Cause premature aging X Trigger inflammation in your body2. X Disturb the release […]

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5 Easy Ways To De-Stress Your Skin This Christmas

December 21, 2022

Christmas is a fun time of year. But it can be one of the most stressful too. What’s more, when you feel stressed your skin feels stressed. Regardless of whether your stress is… Emotional (such as panicking about buying gifts)… Physical (say, from drinking excessive alcohol)… Environmental (like the cold, dry air)… Your skin’s health […]

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How To Choose Proven, Effective, High-Quality Beauty Products Every Single Time

December 19, 2022

Did you know that the average American spends $15,000 over their lifetime to preserve smooth, soft, radiant, and youthful skin? So many Americans investing in their health is wonderful to see. But the growing interest in skincare has created a growing problem… Driven purely by desire for profit, the “solutions” many skincare companies sell have […]

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